Monday, December 12, 2011

All Prints

When it comes to breakfast, Eggs Ben in CBTL is always a favorite! This is what I wore when I met up with friends for a morning chat last week.

I was in a hurry so I threw in a lazy outfit and used the scarf magic! aka "Anything you wear with scarf suddenly becomes lovely".

This scarf is my current fav! It's got all the prints I love! I got it from a friend during a bazaar at work.

These oxfords from Archive Clothing are super comfy!

top with detailed collar-thrifted, necklace from 101 new york, headband from Evita Peroni. Oxfords c/o Archive Clothing

Oh and I am loving my Ashley's lipgloss! This is also a nice giveaway for your friends. This cute cupcake shaped keychain with lipgloss that contains vitamin E and Petroleum Jelly that protects and moisturizes your lips is not bad for 50 pesos per piece.

I gave it out to my friends yesterday during our get together and at first they said "Thanks you didn't have to!" and then I followed it up with "That's a key chain and a lip gloss." and then I got "Oh really? Wow! Thanks! It's so cute! I wanna open it now yada yada!" I guess the first reaction was merely for the key chain and the second one was for the whole package lol!

Ashley's lipgloss is a cupcake shaped lip gloss in a keychain from International stores like NYK, Claire's, Sasa and many more! This is exclusively available in all Watsons/SM branches nationwide. Go check it out! =)

Ciao for now loves! So have you guessed where I got the shades na?


  1. ang cute mo naman Aie!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Lovet Aie! :) And ang sarap nga mag scarf ngayon at malamig na instant lakas makayaman pa! :) See you sooon! :)

  3. Brogues, my favourite type of footwear! love it :)
    You are looking sweet as ever doll face!

    x Maria C
    Raver Ria

  4. I like your scarf dear and also the lipgloss :)

  5. Ang cute naman ng scarf na yan, print galore!


  6. I love the prints of your scarf, so different! And it looks so good against the red top. Great outfit! :)

  7. cute sunnies and i love your oxford :)

  8. i like your sunnies and red top. :)

  9. pretty scarf!

  10. I love meeting up with friends for breakfast :)
    You look super darling too. And its so unfair that you can wear shorts in December.
    And my absolute favorite is your shoes! THEY'RE ADORABLE!

  11. Great look, love the scarf!!

  12. Lazy outfit ba sabi?? hehe sana pag nag lazy outfitey ako ay ganito din kaganda!:)) always gorgeous, aie! and yes ganda nga ng scarf with different prints!!:)

    Cute talaga nung cupcake lipgloss!! love ko siya :D

  13. didn't know they sold the keychain-gloss at sasa! shall check that out! :)

  14. cute scarf, and i like the oxfords