Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My 2011 Wish List

Apparently it took me a while to come up with my list just because I want so many things haha!

Here's my wish list this Christmas!

1. I really want a nice indoor plant. I want it for that empty corner in my living room.
2. Yes! I want a Spanish learning software just because I had "Learn Spanish" listed in my 2012 goals!
3. I also want my own sewing machine and make lovely things.
4. Who doesn't want a pair of Lita's?
5. I want an ipod touch 4th gen so I can listen to podcasts and Spanish lessons.
6. I've been looking for a perfect and inexpensive nude pumps but until now to no avail so...
7. I always tell people this... "You don't have to but if you really want to give me something, you'll never go wrong with an SM GC!" hahaha! Just because I want to use it for SM accessories!

Oh and I also want this cross wedge from Soule Phenomenon! I actually ordered one and I can't wait to finally get it! Kilig!!! =0

Happy holidays to you guys! Spread the love!


  1. wow!!! killer wedges!!:) advance happy christmas, aie!

  2. Me too! I'm also looking for a perfect and inexpensive nude pumps. And wow those cross wedge are amazing. =) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. I love everything you listed. And I desperately want some litas! x

  4. killer shoes!!:)


  5. lovely blog!! i know your blog today! i will visit you always!