Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY- Fur Vest

Here's a quick DIY post showing you how I made the fur vest I sported in Ayala Museum about a week ago.

That fur is actually a part of a skirt that I got from my thrifting expedition. Here's how it looks like.

The skirt is something I know I can't sport but the fur is what caught my eye.

So I cut that part of the skirt. I took a little bit of the moss green fabric because I know it would look awesome on the vest I'm going to attach it to. It also serves as my sewing allowance.

Here's a photo of a plain vest I have stored in my closet for years.

A closer look at the fabric.

After some handstiching...voila!!!

What you'll need:
1. A pair of scissors
2. Thread and needle

It didn't require too much effort but the outcome was exceptional don't you think? So next time you go thrift shopping don't judge those costume looking fur skirts. You might find a use for it. =)

I hope you like DIYs because I plan on posting more soon. Ciao for now loves! I'll do an outfit post sporting this for sure.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perouvian Wasteland Photo Exhibit

Here's what I wore to Ayala Museum for Status magazine's Perouvian Wasteland exhibit last Saturday.

Necklace from Karma, Fur vest-DIY, Shirt- thrifted, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Ring- Anagon, Headband from Evita Peroni

Some photos from the event

With Mr. Perou and Status Magazine's Editor in Chief, Rosario Herrera together with Catch G.

With Catch and JP Singson

Catch, JOnessa, moi and Nicole

Photos by Mr. Perou

Vivienne Westwood

Katy Perry

Grace Jones

Photos by Catch...

I didn't go to the after party in Robot anymore because the boyfriend and I were too hungry so we opted to have dinner in Greenbelt instead.

I'm so happy that I am finally done with the Kick Off party that I helped organize at work. We're crossing our fingers for 100% attendance or at least 90% heeeh.

On a different note Nicole of Soule Phenomenon texted me saying the the cross wedges are ready! I'm a happy girl! Will do an outfit post wearing that for sure! Way to make me feel better because I am currently experiencing so much pain right now. My wisdom tooth turnd out to be impacted and it needs to be taken out. Surgeries scare the hell out of me. I didn't know how painful this is until the past two horrible days. Anyway, I don't wanna bore you with so much of this so ciao for now loves! =) Goodnight!

Monday, January 23, 2012


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work Outfit

Sorry about the blurry photos. I just wanted to post a quick OTD.

I always try to veer away from the blogger get up when at work co'z I know not many people (from work) get that. I'm sure you kinda know what I'm trying to say. So, proper and strict as it is but still chic I hope. =)

Jacket form Peanut Butter and Jeri, shoes from, Purse c/o Mango, Top from Eastwood bazaar

You might be thinking that these parking lot photos are not even blog worthy. But I hope you can let this pass for now. I'll make it up to you over the weekend I promise! =)

On a totally different note, I'm browsing on some photos in my laptop and look what I saw. Got this for thy boyfriend a few weeks back. So cheesy haha! The candle didn't last for long but I'm glad he still loved it. =)

Have a great rest of the week loves! Ciao!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So what can we expect from PENSHOPPE this 2012? Traditional casual wear with clean nautical touches. Color blocking. Light fabrics that are easy to wear. “The latest campaign is more relaxed and approachable. Definitely feel good fashion with a casual edge,” shares Brand Director Alex Mendoza. “Trends to look forward to over the year are more vivid use of colors, clean silhouettes, acid wash jeans and our highly popular varsity jackets.”

Consequently, PENSHOPPE kicks off its Pre-Summer 2012 campaign with a modern take on cheerful wardrobe fundamentals such as jeans, shirts, jackets and other signature style as fronted by the brand’s strongest brand presenters: Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, Asian superstar Mario Maurer and local “it” girl Solenn Heussaff.

CASUAL COOL: The New Kind of HOT

There are many reasons why a smart, sensible guy’s girlfriend would take one long look at Ed Westwick’s latest campaign for PENSHOPPE and run to the store – boyfriend in tow. After his surreal visit to Manila last year much to the amazement of fans and fashion observers alike, it seems apparent that to create a Chuck Bass out of every guy became every girl’s 2012 resolution.

To start off the new year Ed remains as PENSHOPPE’s biggest level up ammunition and for one very good reason: There is no one out there who can pull it off the way Ed can.

Simply put, there is no other Chuck Bass.

Starting the New Year with a SMILE

If Ed Westwick is considered by many as PENSHOPPE’s marketing ammo, then it is fair to say that Asian heartthrob Mario Maurer is the brand’s sales catalyst. Soon after the 23 year old was signed last August sporting the brand’s now famous varsity jacket, the item immediately went out of stock – early on proving that anything the kid touches turns into gold.

And that was just the beginning. Indeed, anything that Mario wears from his PENSHOPPE collection sells fast: jacket, jeans, shirt, shoes, you name it - even a cap. Proving his incredible cult-like following among teenagers as well as young adults, anything he models are likely to fire up fans to line up and buy across PENSHOPPE stores nationwide.

It’s HIP to be “IT”

Solenn Heussaff is not just a pretty face – she is a powerful female influencer. Prior to her entry into local showbiz, it was PENSHOPPE who discovered her years ago when she was just modeling. Since then, Solenn has fronted some of the brand’s most memorable campaigns.

With more than 440,000 plus followers on Twitter to date, the French-Filipina has sure come a long way since first being discovered by PENSHOPPE. She also possesses a sophisticated personal style that makes her the perfect female lead for what is now considered the Philippines’ fashion powerhouse.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


I didn't get to take a more decent outfit shot this weekend but it's obvious that I can't stop wearing my Lita's and this necklace.

These photos were taken from the underpass going to Ayala Triangle. We had to walk because we parked the car on the other side. But since these Lita's are surprisingly comfy, the long walk wasn't that bad.

This weekend was great knowing that I have accomplished a lot. But why does it have to end so soon! So much to do so little time ayayay! So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biker Feel

Feeling kinda tough today. The shoes and jacket seemed too edgy so I wore my floral and crochet shorts to soften it up a bit.

Jacket from Topshop, Shirt- Roberto Cavalli, Shorts- SM, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace- Karma


Obi belt from Terranova

Necklace from Karma

Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell

Crochet shorts from SM

Shirt- Roberto Cavalli

Jacket from Topshop

I have been busy coping up to finish the week's work load. I was home sick for 2 days and it sucked. Thanks to this Korean series "The City Hunter" for keeping me entertained while being horizontal 90% of the time. I loved it a lot that I was able to put up with the crappy subtitle.

You should watch it! I think it's airing in AbsCbn next week. The story is really nice and GOSH I fell in love with Lee Min Ho the first time I saw him. My friends think it's weird that I've been watching Korean series lately but how can I not? Lee Min Ho hay kiliggg! Weird na kung weird haha!

So I guess I won't make it to Prive tonight. Are you guys going to the unFURgivable event?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Sided

I know I said something about wearing skirts more often and here's my first take on that. Of course I can't go out wearing a skirt this short. That's actually a pair of skorts (skirt and shorts) heeeh! Baby steps lol!

Top c/o Tomato clothing, Skorts from United colors of benetton, shoes from, necklace from port88 bazaar

These shoes are very comfy! It also comes in diff colors. Check their website or head to rockwell if you want a pair.

After much TV time. I'll be out to meet up with my sisters for dinner. I hope you're having a great weekend so far.

Ciao! =)