Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday...

I woke up an hour late today and I had to rush to work. A very good friend of mine sent an sms asking me to meet him up since he said he has a job interview where I work. So I got there and he's gone. The lady in the front desk said there's a special delivery for moi and voila! It was a huge card from people I used to work with and I was back to b-day-girl-mode. It was sweet and it felt so good to get something like that from people you care about. Maybe what made it all the more special is the fact that I wasn't really expecting that they'd care even when I'm gone working for another company. I felt loved and It feels good to know that all my hardwork paid off. I saw them grow so much and not only did I build a team I know I built friendship among us and I plan to keep that friendship for as long as forever. It feels great to know they feel the same way about it. sniff!

So anyway I tried to get that bday syndrome out of me and tried to concentrate working when I got a call from Eunice asking me to come down and get her gift. She's a sweetheart. She gave me this black belt from Terranova. I'm not surprised that she knows what I want. =)

Let me also mention this story about my best friend parked outside my house last night. I came home late went out to grab a bite with Allan after work. I even complained about this SUV parked in front of our gate only to find out that Anj was waiting there so she can give me this! She was using someone else's car.
I felt like a beauty queen and waved goodbye like one when she said she needs to go. She never fail to make me feel special. I'm lucky to have her. She knows I love her.
They said flowers mean "I'm sorry!" and chocolates mean "I love you!" but in this case I guess it means "Happy Birthday and sorry I park annoyingly lousy!" =)

And finally, My sister was crazy when she said "pag pasenshahan mo na ha?" She gave me this pair of earings on the day of my bithday and I was happy and shy at the same time. I love it so much! I love the vintage look! My sister knows me so well. She knows I feel naked without a pair of earings. With this I'd feel not only dressed but dressed to impress! =)

I'm loving the fact that people remember me during this special day. More years and gifts to come! yay! Oh and my dad said there's a jac box coming soon... excited much! =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

The following are pictures from yesterday. Aparently I didn't get the time to blog. It was my bday celebration over an early dinner with my family. We were all lazy to go out so we ordered in. I had so much fun! My sisters and cousins came by and Eunice was there too. Good conversation over so much good food! It was a little sad Papa's in New York and he couldn't make it but he was on the phone doing roll call anyway so it seemed like he was there too.

This was what I was wearing... I'm into staying in lately and I don't know what's happening to me. Not that I'm always out but I'm getting so comfortable lounging at home lately. Is this what being 27 normally make you feel? Or is it just me? Anyway, my friends think this is ridiculous so we're off to a post bday dinner and drinks on Saturday. Will keep you posted on that. =)

- this Nautica shirt was my Dad's (cropped it and now this is mine)
- this shorts is my favorite project! It was an old pants from my closet
- snake skin printed scarf from Zara
- snake bracelet from a bazaar in Eastwood
- Gray ankle boots from Nine West

Best gift I have gotten so far:

Friday, July 2, 2010


So I went shopping in Megamall today. I left the house early to make it on time as it opens exactly 9:30am. I got there 10ish and was not shocked to see a really long line outside the store. I didn't make it to the first 250 customers to get a coupon. I wasn't aiming for that anyways but if I did get one by chance I would have been happier. Well i didn't really pay much attention to the clothes today. There's too many people around and I couldn't concentrate plus I am not "THE" expert shopper who can buy clothes without actually fitting "not fitting them" i mean- all 34 fitting rooms were taken and there's more than 50 people with more than 3 items in line. But of course with the fabulous belts and sun glasses, neck pieces to die for and those wallets and purses I left the store with a happy-shopper smile. One piece of advice: bring your best shopping buddy to chat with while waiting in line. I brought mine and I had such a great time! =) Shout out to Eunice!

pics to follow...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Watched it for the nth time!!! I would say I was mostly entertained by Andre Leon Talley's tennis attire and Of course Anna Wintour behind that bob.

But a lot of people said Grace Coddington stole the September Issue from Anna Wintour. I must admit she did pinch my heart. Here are some photos of her before having loads of reconstructive surgery after that car accident in her 20's. Grace Coddington is truly beautiful, more so now than ever.

This is like watching Devil wears Prada in real life...


From "KARMA" a real cool store in Cubao X. This store is owned by Mai Kauffman. KARMA stands for Kauffman Auction Retro Modern Antiques. You may find one of a kind accesories and furnitures there. Go check it out. =)

Look at that cute little thing... How can I say no? Tell me?

ps: I must admit that it is quite heavy but I still love it! <3

It was indeed a day well spent with some really good friends in Timeberland...

dress: gift from a friend
flip flops: havs
earings: H&M