Sunday, October 31, 2010



I was too disappointed when I found out that I have to go on a night shift for the next 4 weeks making me have to cancel my plans for attending the shows during fashion week. But how can I afford to miss this one?

My sister's husband happens to know the owner of Jelly Bean and Folded and Hung and he said he had us listed under the VIP list yipee yay! I had to run to SMX before going to work. Who cares about getting 4 hours of sleep?

I went there with Eunice. Here are a few pics. I did not get to take too much. There's a bunch of blurry ones but below are decent enough to make it here. =)

While there was chaos outside there's natchos and drinks inside. =)

And of course it is impossible not to run into Mikee during events like this. Shout out to you Mikee! =)

I enjoyed both shows although of course they're a little different. The crowd was just crazy. Jelly bean was all cute. Sugar and spice, tulle skirts, floral and cotton candy colors. Folded and hung on the other hand was all about being hot and cold at the same time.

I was deeply entertained by the finale worn by Maja Salvador and Anne Curtis. What a way to start my day! Off to work after the show. 10 minutes late boo!

Studded top from SM department store
Trousers from Mongkok HK
Glads from PRP

Friday, October 29, 2010


One more time ladies! Grab your SM advantage card and wear your most comfy flats. Oh and don't forget to bring your best chika buddy to chat with while in line. =)

No shopping expedition for me this time. I'm off to SMX tahnayt. Leme get a good rest real quick! Pics from the F&h and Jellybean show will be posted soon.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have never tried ordering shoes online. I remember trying several times but I always end up being chickened out. I'm always very keen when it comes to the shape, fit, texture and how it looks like in real life. I'm scared that if it doesn't look exactly the way it does in the photos then I may not be able to get my money's worth.

But today these babies are giving me the courage to try hitting the keyboard to fill out an online order form.

Heels and Wedges



Quite a beauty huh? I will probably try ordering one. If it works then you'll see me wearing it soon in my upcoming posts and I'll definitely share the experience. If it doesn't then I'm pretty sure it will work for someone else so I'll probably just sell it.

I hope this turns out well. I just love them to bits. I've heard you'd have to wait an awfully long time to get an online order. Patience is not one of my best traits. gaah! Wish me luck! =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Met up with Anj yesterday! I missed her so much! She's back in school for a second major and lately we both seemed pretty busy that we rarely see eachother unlike before. I had to go to the hospital to visit a friend who's recovering from a major operation so my time with Anj was very limited. We only had 2.5 hours together but it felt more than that coz we talked non-stop to make sure no time is put to waste. =)

Allan picked me up from the hospital and went to Eastwood to grab dinner and see a movie on a cold-liquor ban-Saturday night. On our way to check the movies we ran into this. It reminded me of my friend Arcee who's currently in the hospital right now. Shout out to you RC! You can do it! Arcee is a very talented guy. Hear him play the drums and you'd think he must have been born with drumsticks on his hands. Get well soon RC please!

Below are some pics from Jacksloft. The donut was from KrispyCreme. One bite won't hurt right?

I guess one really big bite will...

How was your alcohol free Saturday night? Have a lovely Sunday ladies! =)

top: my mother's
brown shorts: a&f
old rose strappy flats: sm parisian
sling: RL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sunday mornings are not complete without having my one moment of peace. I went out for a big breakfast and found myself in Starbucks just near Allan's office. Yes he works on Sundays boohoo!

I took some pictures before leaving the house. Here's what I was wearing.

The romper was from greenhills and that Blazer was an old one from my closet.

I changed my mind and decided to wear my Sperry Top-siders on my way out. It's been a long time since I last slip my feet on these. Oh Sperry how I missed you! It was a gift from my dad.

The cuffs! Oh geez you won't believe it! I got it for only P25. It was on sale at 2 for P50. A friend introduced this store to me. She had me swear not to tell anyone her little secret. Sorry bout that. But if you really really want to know I'll tell you where to reach my friend so you can bug her. *wink*

clue: R_c__ell Ba__ar, and they don't sell used items. =)

Before going to Marcam's birthday celebration Allan and I dropped by Cubao-x. I love this place! I love that all the stores are artsy artsy. I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because my camera gave up on me so early...

Anyway I found myself getting mysef a greige (the new beige) flats from Janilyn and a maxi skirt from Stoic. I'm too short for a maxi skirt but let's see how it works. I'll post pics as soon as I get to use it. =)

Last week was all about friends getting engaged. This weekend was all about spending. Bad bad bad! I need a new TV series to follow to keep my ass on the couch.

On a different note, look what I found in my mail today!

It's fashioweek again! Whose show are you watching this season?